3rd August 2010

When we moved into our (now no longer) new office a while back, we wanted to create a new all-singing, all-dancing website (not literally… for those please go here and here

) that would reflect some of the same design luxuries and sensibilities of our new pad.

Problem is, we never had time with the constant stream of deadlines that kept us at capacity and beyond. This became weeks, weeks became months, and it never let up. After a while, it was no longer funny to joke about how agencies with the coolest, sexiest sites should probably be spending more time on client work.

So we’ve decided that fancy-schmancy has to take a back-seat… there is so much happening here that having a site up is critical so that clients, prospects, partners, the media, friends, past and future Arachnerds, can find out what we’ve been up to. Let’s forego the singing and dancing. No doing something cool for the sake of something cool because there’s “no client”.

Here we are then, telling it as it is, no dressing, just the crispy leaves and bits fresh from the garden patch. And just like the banana bread above, complete with imperfections and all. We hope it works for you too. :)