4th August 2010

We count ourselves lucky to always have new opportunities to develop work for some really fantastic brands! Here’s an update on new business wins in recent months prior to this site going live. Some of these we couldn’t announce because they involved new launches and had to be hush-hush, but now we can:

AXE Malaysia
The most popular deodorant for men in the world! And quite easily the raunchiest!

Dutch Lady
A household name for decades, Dutch Lady is the leading dairy producer in Malaysia.

NESCAFE® Kick-Start™

This popular reality TV programme, remixed in this 2010 season!

Citra Hand & Body Lotion
Citra is the leading skincare brand in the hand and body lotion segment for Indonesia.

CLEAR is a leading anti-dandruff shampoo and the work we’ve done has included markets such as Asia-Pacific, China, the Middle East and Greece. There’s new work still under wraps for Russia, Brazil and China.

Johnson’s Body Care
Johnson’s new skin care range for women, recently launched in Malaysia.

We’ll be talking more about these brands and the work we’re doing/have done in coming posts.