9th August 2010

He may not have won this year’s World Cup, but his footwork is still sizzling and his skill ignites the fans every time he’s in possession of the ball. And it’s no secret that he could effortlessly get the ladies all sweaty and breathless.

Quick and overdue update: earlier this year, we had a great opportunity to work on an international campaign to launch Clear Cool Sport, starring the red-hot Cristiano Ronaldo. As the launch date was so close to the World Cup, and due to the sporty nature of the product, and because they were sponsoring Ronaldo in any case, the whole thing was based around football.

The product is a shampoo that gives its users a cool, minty sensation and some of you may have seen this commercial where Ronaldo – after a cooling hair wash with Clear Cool Sport – could head the sun away to cool down the football pitch.

We built a global a site for the product that looks all super high-tech to appeal to the male target audience, that was used in Saudi Arabia, Egypt, the Gulf States, Lebanon, Jordan and Greece. It has a contest game where users can also handle fireballs like Ronaldo.