13th August 2010

We just found out that the Ninja Jones Japanese Restaurant at Northpoint where we’re located is no more. It was a delightfully tacky concept, with waiters dressed as ninjas, black masks, katanas and all. Too bad the waitresses weren’t similarly dressed in official Ninjette garb (fishnets and little else… it’s true, we’ve seen that in anime and manga so it must be true) and waiters didn’t appear in a puff of smoke when you needed them. Anyway, the food was unremarkable, if a bit pricey.

It’s especially unfortunate because a former Arachnerd who has migrated to Australia (Hi Tracey!) had wanted to bring her Kiwi husband (Hi James!) to try out Ninja Jones when she was back for her mom’s big birthday bash (Hi Auntie!).

R.I.P. Ninja Jones… We think you may have given up the ghost because you were so Ninja-like, people couldn’t find you. May you find happiness up there in heaven where all good little ninjas go.