16th August 2010

This was every male employee’s dream account. AXE, with its saucy, funny campaigns and girls, girls, girls is a brand of deodorants that every young man with an Internet connection would surely have come across. We recently helped launch the brand here in Malaysia and thoroughly enjoyed the “making of” all the components – from viral videos to the launch party to an IVR wake-up call service to a pick-up lines contest via voicemail and Facebook.

It was gratifying to see the response after the launch, from blogs, photo- and video-sharing sites. Best of all, we got over 24,000 fans on Facebook during the campaign period alone and the client is delighted with the sales response during the launch period, with volume share toppling that of the competitive brand it had benchmarked against.

Check out what’s happened and will be happening here. Or please get in touch if you’d like to find out more about this campaign.