30th August 2010

Another World Cup-related update – this time for our long-time client Coke. They’re the main sponsor for the World Cup, so they get the rights to bring the real trophy on a world tour. And this trophy seriously has a better life than most of us: it’s got its own private plane, armed guard and it’s got its OWN FREAKING HOTEL ROOM!!! Plus, it’s made out with more world-class footballers than even the most… *ahem* friendly… WAGs.

Anyway, back to the project…

So the Malaysian leg of the World Cup trophy tour is a big one-day event where anyone can be photographed with it under the baleful gaze of FIFA officials and huge-ass security guys packing serious heat. Our job was to create an activity installation for Coke that would command more attention and participation than other co-sponsor booths.

Our solution was a football-themed video-immersion game where players use their own bodies as interfaces… no controllers, keyboards or mice in this one – just arms, legs, heads and whichever bodypart you feel compelled to bring into play. It’s developed completely in-house, so you could kinda say we beat Project Natal to a modern human-interface thingy by… oh, several years! (this is actually the second time we’re doing this as our first single-player version was built four years ago for Coke’s last World Cup trophy tour in 2006)

Please get in touch if you’d like to know more about this piece of work.