12th September 2010

Over Raya, we found more reasons to celebrate other than lemang, rendang, quality family time and empty roads.

Apple has posted somewhat candid notes to its iOS app approval guidelines (about time!) and also lifted its ban of third party development tools for iOS apps. The latter is especially good news as it means agencies/developers like us can develop in a single environment eg. Flash and deploy it for various platforms such as web browsers, iPhones, iPads, Android, etc. Prior to this, Flash work has to be chucked out and rebuilt entirely from scratch in X-Code (Apple’s development language for iOS apps) if there’s intention to also have it work on iDevices. With the ban lifted, it becomes much easier to re-compile Flash apps into iOS apps with tools such as Adobe Packager. This ultimately means that clients can get into more touchpoints at a lower cost, which is fantastic. It remains to be seen how this announcement will work in practice with API nitty-gritties, but it’s encouraging.

Thanks Apple for finally waking up. Perhaps this has something to do with you getting into a bit of antitrust trouble lately? Hmm?