12th November 2010

A week and a bit ago we received an email from A+M Magazine inviting us to participate in an inter-agency game called the “Advertising + Marketing – The New York Times Global Club Cranium Challenge 2010″. Or A+M-TNYTGCCC’10 for short. The subhead read: “A+M’s Quest for the Ultimate Whole-Brain Agency”. Or A+M’sQFTUW-BA which is much easier to remember.

Our first reaction was oh cool… Party! Later though we realised this may have something to do with needing brains, causing a mild spot of panic but we eventually recovered. Luckily we found the resolve to read on and saw two lines near the end about free admission, food and drinks.

So we signed up.

Fast forward to last night. We put our finest most sober people forward and recruited buxom cheerleaders to distract the other 11 agencies. The cheerleading troupe ended up being a few hairy guys with 20 bucks’ worth of toy store props but that is another story. All set, we focused every ounce of energy on ensuring that the one client on our team was comfortable and best able to perform (yes, one client had agreed to join our team so we weren’t unrepresented in the brains department).

So what exactly is the A+M-TNYTGCCC’10? Basically, it’s a combination of word puzzles, general knowledge quizzes, creativity/communication challenges and a test of performing talent, executed against the clock to derive a score which is then compared across the 12 agencies.

And what do you know… WE WON! And we didn’t even cheat! And no one was even seriously hurt or anything! Thanks Yee Ee. And thanks A+M for inviting us and for organising this. And TNYTG… thanks for your sponsorship and sharing! Seriously we thought the whole evening was a blast and we had a hilariously good time. Have to do this more often!

And OK team… you guys pwned it. :D