19th November 2010

Our first official engagement with MINI just days after winning the account was such an awesome experience.

And I’m not talking ‘wow cool brand we can do cool work’ type of awesome, either. It’s more the ‘OMG can’t stop giggling this is soooo cool holee $&!# I can’t believe I’m getting paid to do this’ kind of awesome.

Five of us were invited to attend a product training session at their HQ to get up close and personal with MINIs and immerse in the MINI culture.┬áIt was eye-opening… learning how much thought, care and state-of-the-art technology go into these little fun-mobiles. And it was equally great to see what MINI fanatics are doing all over the world to express their love for the car and the brand.

Then, from eye-opening to eye-popping! The most exhilarating bit… getting behind the wheel and going for an adrenaline-pumped charge through the relatively-clear and pristine back roads and twisties of Cyberjaya.

This has been our second chance at pedal to the metal already – the first being a Driver Training course on the Sepang F1 circuit for agencies who were pitching.

Nice clients!