1st December 2010

Barely 2 weeks from winning the New York Times “Whole Brain” Agency

thingymadoodle, we got invited to another inter-agency game: the 2010 Annual Agency Trivia Challenge, sponsored by BBC this time.

Yay, free party and boo…. oh wait. Trivia?

Okay, so maybe we can be pretty trivial people at times, but you mean there’s other stuff to be good at besides being Wholemeal Brained?

What a scary tho… oh but wait. Free food and drinks?

Anyway, after some quick infighting, we signed up. And long story short, we lost. Came in 6th of 14 despite the heroic effort of our valiant team. Once again, no one was seriously injured and our bribes were not accepted. Instead, we had a ton of laughs and a genuinely good time! Maybe even more than when we did win something. Hmm…

Thanks again, A+M, BBC and Marketing! You guys know how to throw a party! :)

In deference to our grief over this loss, no pictures will be posted.