20th December 2011

All work and no play will make anyone a dull boy (or girl). So here’s a quickie post from a trip last month. In the mad rush of preparing and making presentations, I find myself en route to Paris (apparently, the most romantic city in the world) not with my wife but instead with Weng Keong (WK) ;-) Whilst obviously excited as this is my first time to the French capital, I can’t help but wonder if I’ll have the time to at least see the famed Eiffel Tower. As with all our long-haul business trips, we always try to work in some R&R time and this trip was no different.

Fast forward >> all meetings done so off we go to explore the sights. Here’s a brief highlight of what we did in Paris in a day! This wasn’t the first business trip WK and I have been on together but lucky me, WK was my personal tour guide as he’s seen Paris before on what I think were far more romantic trips than this one with me. We quickly opened a tourist map that I grabbed on the way out of CDG and tried to find where we were on the map. From there we navigated on foot to all the “must-sees” and “must-dos” around central Paris – given the time we had. The weather was perfect between 5-9 degrees Celsius in October — probably the best time to visit Europe.

Well, I’ll let the pictures do the talking. Besides all the touristy places that we went to where we joined crowds of tourists, there was one place that us geeks got pretty excited about – well at least I was ;-) A first for me (again) was to head to the Louvre. It wasn’t what was in the museum but what was near it… a real Apple Store! LOL not like the ones we find back home but the ones with more than a dozen “Geniuses” smiling and ever-willing to be of service. That was an experience. Too bad we couldn’t “jump queue” to get the iPhone 4s before Asia…hehe.

As we board the plane back home the following day, I can’t help but reminisce what a great experience Paris was and indeed it is such a beautiful city. Feeling satisfied having sampled numerous cups of cafe au lait, a couple of freshly backed croissants, some escargot and “teen kai” (frogs) – I am quite ready to head home for some good old wantan mee.

Au revoir Paris!

Oh, personally I think the coffee and croissants in KL are pretty awesome too ;-p